Are there any limitations for other country  citizen to buy objects in Latvia?

Every foreigner can buy anything except agricultural land. If you want to buy an agricultural land you need to establish a company. This company should be registered in Latvia.

Why the prices of the seaside land are much cheaper than in Lithuania?

Because Latvia has 500 km of the seaside and Lithuania has just 99 km. In Latvia are less citizens, the most part of them live in Riga.

What is limited distance from the sea where you can build a house or other buildings?

Latvian laws say that you can build 300 m from the sea, if the land is in the village terittory. But if the land has a cofirmed detailed plan you can build just 150 m from the sea. Or if it has old buildings or basements, which is registered in Register center, you can build and reconstruct buildings even closer than 150 m from the sea.

Can we distribute land to smaller parts?

Detailed plan of that teritory say about land's distribution.

Can we build on agricultural or forest land?

Yes, but every case need to be analysed separately.

What is the process of buying and selling objects in Latvia?

In Latvia the process of buying and selling object is similar like in other countries. An advanced buying-selling agreement is signed and after 24 days the deal can be notarized.

We are instrested in Latvian seaside. Can you present for us more information about this region?

It's a pleasure that you intrested in. We gathered some pages which can be useful.